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Wine Trade Fair and Cachaça Trade Fair 2024 Partner with the São Paulo Commercial Association

The São Paulo International Wine Trade Fair and Cachaça Trade Fair, geared towards professionals and producers in the wine and spirits sectors, have just entered into a partnership agreement with the São Paulo Commercial Association through its Agribusiness Council.

The ACSP is the oldest professional entity in the city of São Paulo, with a 128-year history advocating for entrepreneurship and emphasizing the importance of small and medium-sized enterprises for the country's development. The organization is part of the Federation of Commercial Associations of the State of São Paulo (Facesp), which brings together 420 associations throughout the state.

"The significance of partnering with ACSP for the São Paulo International Wine Trade Fair and Cachaça Trade Fair is to ensure that the retail sector will receive and positively respond to the commercial recommendations proposed by the fair's exhibitors, thereby boosting the promotion of new businesses for the retail sector that deals with beverages, which is precisely what our fairs aim to achieve," emphasizes entrepreneur Zoraida Lobato.

"It is evident on the global stage, the densification and technical and technological evolution of the grape production chain. From fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural implements, machinery and equipment, packaging, to each of its various derivatives, such as juices, wines, spirits, sweets and jams, essential oils, pigments, or dyes. Certainly, Brazil is also experiencing constant and sustainable growth in this sector, which will be characterized as a new economic vector generating employment and income," according to Fausto Longo, director of the Agribusiness Council of ACSP.

In its eighth edition, the São Paulo International Wine Trade Fair establishes itself as the main business fair in the Latin American spirits production chain, a 100% B2B event focused on business transactions, from agribusiness to the arrival of the product on the shelves and sales aisles, including the dissemination of knowledge and technology.

In the 2023 edition, 4,200 buyers visited the event, with 70% being buyers from eight states in Brazil and five foreign countries, impacting 1,000,000 consumers. There were 168 exhibitors and more than 400 brands from 14 states and seven countries, including producers of national and international wines and spirits, importers, cork producers, packaging, barrels, fertilizers, representing the entire production chain of the sector.

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