If Adult Drinks is more than a pleasure for you, it is business. Register now.

Registration is free, and guarantees your entry to the fair, in some lectures, tastings and visits.

With early registration, you don't have to queue, and your access is easier and faster.

If you are a buyer and looking for suppliers with differentiated products, good prices and quality. Visit the fair, participate for free in the business meetings, talk to our sommelier and come to do good business and contacts that will help you to better develop your project, your establishment, come and increase your networking

Registration and participation for industry professionals is free.



We are complying with all safety protocols for COVID-19, so the use of the mask is mandatory. Stay tuned for information from our attendants about the control rules. So we take care of your health and the health of everyone who is working.



If you do not live in the city and will need support for airline tickets, transfers, accommodation and Buying and Leisure Tips.

Talk to our partner the company Feiras & Congressos they help us to make your stay and visit the fair a work experience that brings results. Feiras & Congressos have experience to serve them for the domestic and foreign markets.

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