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CICAVI, International Congress of cachaça and wine, is an event of a cultural, social, technical and economic nature that takes place in parallel to the São Paulo International Wine Trade Fair and Cachaça Trade Fair. It aims to disseminate and foster technological, agronomic knowledge, of the productive aspects, of the commercialization, of the distribution and of the service among the components of the productive chain of wine and cachaça.

For 2022 we are preparing a congress that aims to meet the demands of the sector. As soon as we have the grid ready we will publish.

And as soon as we start receiving the work, we will publicize it on social networks.



Zoraida Lobato.jpeg

Zoraida Lobato

Business manager, advertising, opinion maker. She is the executive director of the Market press group. Responsible for editing the magazines Vinho Magazine and Spirit Magazine, created and developed the first wine events in the  Brazil. Like  Expovinis, World Contest in Brussels Edition Brazil. Today  promotes the biggest  wine and spirits events for the B2B and B2C market,  São Paulo Wine Weekend Festival,  São Paulo International Trade Fair, Cachaça Trade fair . Organizes the Brazil Wine and Spirits Contest.

Jairo Martins.jpeg

Jairo Martins

  • Author, consultant, professor and international lecturer, with a focus on spirits and emphasis on cachaça;

  • Member of the Cachaça Sectorial Chamber, of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), of IBRAC - Instituto Brasileiro da Cachaça.

Foto Eduardo Viotti.jpeg

Eduardo Viotti

  • Journalist specializing in wine, gastronomy, cars and motorcycles;

  • Responsible for creating the Wine and Spirits of Brazil Contest, in which he is President;

  • Jury of the main competitions in the world;

  • Editorial director of Revista Vinho Magazine and Spirit Magazine;

  • Events Content Director:

    • Wine Weekend​

    • Wine Trade Fair

    • Cachaça Trade Fair

Renato Frascino.jpeg

Renato Frascino

Business Administrator and Economist. Enogastronomic Consultant and Beverage Sensory Analyst. Professor of various segments related to the harmonization of food and beverages, such as: water, oil, spirits, beers, cigars, wines, cachaça, coffee and balsamic sauces.



Marite Dal'osto.jpeg

Marite Carlin Dal'Osto

PhD in Food Science and Technology with an emphasis on aromas and phenolic composition of wines
cachaceira master 
beers sommelier
Professor of Oenology at IFSP - São Roque Campus




Dr. Rachel Listen

Director of the "Institut Georges Chappaz de la vigne et du vin en Champagne" and responsible for research programs and training related to wine.

After her doctorate, Rachel went to Champagne with the aim of specializing in the field of wines, more specifically in sparkling wines.
Member of the Wine, Nutrition and Health Committee of the "Union des Œnologues" - Champagne Region" and judge of international wine competitions.

Ricardo Henriques.jpeg

Ricardo Henriques

Graduated in Biological and Food Engineering from the Escola Superior Agrária of the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco in Portugal.

Currently Production Director and Oenologist responsible  at Rio Sol (Brazil), Technical Director at VInibrasil and Enologist at Global Wines Portugal.

Alexandre Saqueira.jpeg

Fábio Góes

Enologist graduated at Escola Agrotécnica Federal JK, in Bento Gonçalves – RS.

Quality Manager graduated from Uninove, in São Roque – SP.

Speaker for eight years at Expo São Roque,

Participation of the selection group (judges) for 10 years at ABE (Brazilian Association of Enology)

  Speaker at the SENAI school – Santos.

  Speaker at Senac – Osasco, Aclimação and Penha.

Workshop at the Winery for tourists and employees.


Gerson Bonilha Junior

Professor of Beverages and Services at Centro Universitário Senac SP for over 27 years. Conducts training as a Consultant for teams of bars and restaurants working in the area for over 30 years. Maitre, Bartender and Sommelier. Specialist in Beverage Services Management with an Emphasis on Wines. Certified by WSET (Wine Spirit Education Trust) levels 2 and 3.

Deborah Villas-Bôas Dadalt .jpeg

Deborah Villas-Bôas Dadalt 

Journalist at PUC-SP

Construction Entrepreneur specializing in International Hospitality

Partner-Director of Spa do Vinho Hotel & Condomínio Vitivinícola

Director of Infrastructure and Wine Tourism at Aprovale

Owner of Ales Victoria Winery

Responsible for the draft of the Uva e Vinho Free Zone

Professional Sommelier by ABS-RS

G-30 Serra Gaúcha Member

Member of the Vale dos Vinhedos District Council

Member of the COREDE Serra Gaúcha Board and SEGH Grape and Wine Board

Foto Guilherme.JPG

Guilherme Campos - SEBRAE

Post Graduate in Cooperativism

Consultant at SEBRAE-SP

Member of the São Paulo Forum of Geographical Indications and Collective Trademarks.

DR. Lucas.jpeg

Dr. Lucas Garrido

Researcher in the field of grapevine disease control since 1998 at Embrapa Uva e Vinho. Bento Goncalves, RS.  He is currently working on the development of disease prediction systems for the vine aiming to support decision-making and disease control with "clean" products.

Evandro Weber.jpeg

Evandro Weber

Evandro Weber, director  of Destilaria H. Weber, introduced new technologies and changes in strategies, such as the sale of beverages to other states and, today, also abroad.

It always invests in technology and so its drinks are carefully prepared and awarded in several national and international competitions. The distillery, a family business, takes care of its knowledge passed from father to son. 

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Fernanda Maria Santiago Melo

Paraíba accent and heart of Brazil
Architect and Urban Planner Specialist in Territorial Development
Creative tourism and new economies consultant
Waterfall for passion.


Fernando Marcos.jpeg

Fernando Marcos de Oliveira

Professor of Higher Education in the Gastronomy area at Senac Campos do Jordão, Wine Sommelier and Management Consultant in Gastronomic Business and Beverage Services.

Renata Vieira da Mota.jpg

Renata Vieira da Mota

Agronomist graduated from the Luiz de Queiroz Higher School of Agriculture (ESALQ/USP) in 1994.

Master in Food Science from the University of São Paulo (1997) and PhD in Food Science from the University of São Paulo (2001).

Coordinator of the EPAMIG State Viticulture Research Program.

She works as a researcher at the EPAMIG Grape and Wine Technological Center located in the city of Caldas, MG.

Has experience in Food Science and Technology, with emphasis on Physical-Chemistry and Biochemistry of Food and Food Raw Materials, working mainly on the following subjects: phenolic compounds, carbohydrates, organic acids and aromatic compounds in grapes and wines and their relationship with the environment and management.


Carla Cozer - SEBRAE

Graduated in Tourism with an MBA in Business Management with an emphasis on Agribusiness. He has worked at Sebrae for 13 years in guiding companies and coordinating sectoral projects in the areas of tourism, agribusiness, industry, commerce, services, startups and business incubators. He loves what he does and lives to discover new places and people.


Dr. Leonardo Cury

Graduated in AGRONOMY, master's degree in Plant Production from UDESC (2008) and doctorate from UFRGS (2012).  He is currently a teacher at different levels. He has experience in the agronomic area, working mainly on the following subjects: vitis vinifera, vitis labrusca, rootstocks for viticulture, protected cultivation, altitude viticulture, vine management, green canopy management, morphology and physiology of the vine, technology in viticulture and agriculture 4.0.

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Nelson Duarte

Beverage Technologist with a postgraduate degree in Gastronomy and Brazilian Cuisine, he is the first professionally registered Master Blender in Brazil, winner of 51 awards in national and international spirits competitions, one of the founders of Cúpula da Cachaça, author of the book “Cachaça, a dose of marketing” and creator of Nelson Duarte Ateliê de Distillados.


Richard SegaSbravati

Richard Sbravati is Sommelier and Barista at Senac São Paulo. Sommelier and international judge of FISAR wines, trained in WSET 1, 2 and 3 wines, ICB WSET 1 beer Sommelier in Homebrewer ESALQ-USP

Didu Russo.jpeg

Didu Russo

Didú Russo is a former publicist who has dedicated himself to wine as an independent columnist for over twenty years. Editor of your website and with your channel on 2010 and Instagram @didu_russo and Facebook

Alexandre - SEBRAE.jpeg

Alexandre Giraldi - SEBRAE

Creator of the EEPA method of attracting customers

Passionate about digital entrepreneurship

Bachelor's degree in business administration

MBA Small Business Administration (FGV-Fundação Getúlio Vargas)

MBA in Digital Marketing (ESPM-Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing)



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